WordPress Tuition & Mentoring

If you want to plan a new website from scratch and learn WordPress in the process I’ll be delighted to help you. Depending on your skills and experience I will draw up a plan with you to cover all the basics and any specific requirements you have. The issues you’ll need to get to grips with include:

  • site hosting
  • connecting your domain name to your site
  • managing email addresses
  • installing WordPress and customising it so it works the best way it can for you
  • choosing the right layout and understanding the various quirks and limitations you may come up against with particular themes
  • adding functionality and features via plugins, identifying free options where sensible
  • ensuring your site is secure and backed up
  • adding content in the best way possible – taking into account site speed, accessibility of content and more
  • search engine optimisation

There are endless possibilities for a WordPress site and many sources of tips and advice online. Many of these are biased and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Finding your way through the maze is not easy and can be overwhelming.

For friendly and reassuring guidance get in touch and book in for an initial session. We’ll see if we work well together and can discuss your aims and plans thoroughly.