WordPress.com site builds

WordPress.org and WordPress.com are close relations but with some key differences.

WordPress.com is a package that includes:

  • hosting
  • some extra features and functionality
  • option for hosting for a free site (but with some key drawbacks and on-site advertising)
  • options for paid tiers that increase functionality
  • theme/layout options that vary from the basic to the flexible (depending on subscription level)
  • a ‘back end’ editing experience that is similar to WordPress.org

WordPress.org, on the other hand, is the wilder, free-range cousin of WordPress.com – with coding knowledge or the addition of a myriad of plugins you can achieve almost any kind of website. When you get WordPress.org you still have to sort out your own hosting, back ups and security. In a nutshell: with WordPress.org you get more flexibility, but take on more responsibility.

WordPress.com is a typically more restricted and it has several advantages for a beginner website creator:

  • relatively easy to understand
  • limited options which mean less time spent wondering what to do like a rabbit in the headlights
  • a fixed fee (the amount depends on your subscription level) for hosting that includes support with using WordPress.com and entering content – you should be able to turn to that for fixing basic problems without having to turn to a website designer

It’s a great solution that is perfect for some of my clients – usually ‘solo preneurs’ with a simple brochure site.

My site planning and building process for a WordPress.com site is similar to my planning process for any kind of site. However, the build process is generally faster and somewhat simpler. If you want to find out more then get in touch with questions…