Website Planning

A website is your organisation’s shop window. It is a central part of your marketing activities and needs to be interesting and relevant to all your stakeholders. If you’re feeling daunted at the thought of creating a new site then that suggests you are taking the project seriously…

The package of support at the planning stages can be a standalone package to help you ensure you think things through systematically. You can use it to:

  • create a brief prior to getting quotes
  • plan how to present your site plans to colleagues and trustees
  • bring together the needs of your organisation and those of your stakeholders and customers in one document
  • plan ahead for technical questions and content-related questions that will narrow down your requirements and give you a clear idea of what you want and need.

How the process works

This planning project typically takes place over three or four online meetings and draws on your existing knowledge and research. By the end you will have clear notes that cover a broad set of site design questions:

  • who is your site for? We consider all the groups of users in depth.
  • what are they looking for? We cover both the specific needs they have and the reasons and emotions behind those needs.
  • what needs or problems do they have accessing your site? We cover practical and technical difficulties and also personal issues that may inform the tone of your content and give you ideas for blog posts or newsletter items.
  • what do all those answers mean for the technical, design and content aspects of your site? We sum this up in a set of notes that you can use for implementing your site.

When I create your site for you this package is included as part of the process. It can also be bought separately if you prefer to think through your planning before putting your project out to tender and getting quotes.