Website Builds

With this package we work together from the start of planning through to the launch of your site. We’ll look at your audience, your organisation’s needs, and plan a site that speaks to all the individuals and groups you work with.

Scared of being bamboozled by tech talk?

I won’t use jargon … much! If I do need to then I’ll explain it clearly and check you understand. There are times when you’ll need to understand why certain things are either necessary or not possible. That might involve some technical explanations, but I’ll keep them as painless as I can.

Go ahead: ask lots of questions…

It’s your site and you need to understand it – I encourage you to ask any questions that pop into your head. I often find myself screen sharing on Zoom to demonstrate answers to questions. I’ll sketch diagrams to explain things, find different words and examples to make things clear. There’s no limit on the questions you can ask.

Scoping your project

We will start by considering your site user’s needs, as well as your needs as an organisation. Your site structure and other design considerations flow from knowledge of your site users.

  • ensuring they can easily find what they need
  • ensuring the site is welcoming and easy to understand

Once we have outlined your site’s aims and audience we’ll look at the type of content you need – this could be ordinary pages, blog posts, a shop, an events calendar, connections with social media accounts, and more.

This will provide the ‘to do’ list for your site, for both parties to start working on.

Designing and populating your site with content

I’ll get started on creating a couple of draft designs that meet your organisation’s requirements. Meanwhile you’ll be collating content – text and images for the site. If you need assistance with that I can chip in.

Once you have agreed a design and I’ve made any tweaks we start adding content. We can do this together so that you learn how to do it – if you intend to manage your site content in the future. Or, I can add it all for you if you don’t need to learn how to do it yourself.

Ongoing site care and maintenance

Working out how your site will be kept secure, backed up and updated is crucial. Planning for this is covered from the earliest stages of planning. We’ll work out how often you’ll need to change content on your site and what skills you’d need to do that.

Depending on your needs I can offer:

  • ongoing hosting, security support, off-site back ups, plugin updates and other site care tasks
  • assistance with updating the content on your site – changing text and images, adding newsletters, and more
  • tuition and mentoring for you and your staff in the early stages of managing your own site, or a longer term support and training package.

Take the first steps now…

The first step is a free, no obligation conversation about your needs and circumstances. We’ll see if we get on, and if what I offer is what your organisation is looking for.