Support with your existing site

Stuck with an existing site? You’re not alone… There can be lots of reasons you end up babysitting a WordPress site without a clear idea of how to manage it. These can include:

  • someone designed a site for your/your organisation years ago and is no longer involved – no one else quite understands how it works or why it was done a particular way
  • WordPress is an evolving system that changes over time… if you don’t interact with it regularly you’ll find it’s changed a lot when you next take a look under the bonnet…
  • you have just taken over in a new role and are confused about how to handle the task of website management.

It is possible that your site is no longer fit for purpose and that you need to start again. On the other hand it may just need some tweaks.

Maybe all YOU need is some patient tuition and mentoring to get you on the right track.

Assessing the options together

After an initial session, where I’ve been able to see the dashboard of your site and found out about your own skills, we’ll work out the next steps. We’ll take into account the time you can devote to learning about and maintaining the site, what you want to do with it in the future, and what skills you will need to work on.

I’ll draw up a suggested plan. The plan will include the areas you want to cover and topics you want to learn as well as my estimate of the number of lessons you will need.

Learning via Zoom

If you want to proceed, our lessons will be via Zoom so we can share screens and work together as we talk. Lessons often work out at around 1 x weekly, with tasks in between for you to complete. Where relevant, I’ll also share my private site full of tuition notes and lessons plans as a resource with you to draw on between our sessions.