Problem solving is my cup of tea – so bring me a tricky problem with your organisation’s marketing campaigns or website and I’ll see what I can do. I will always be up front about what I can (or can’t) do. You don’t just get me: you’ll benefit from my extensive network of contacts with specialist skills. My network includes photographers, experts in technical aspects of website design, graphic design, hosting, branding and marketing.

Standalone Projects

You may require input on a specific project such as:

  • market research
  • assessment of your current marketing activities
  • marketing planning
  • website design – either assisting you in commissioning a larger and complex project, or building you a smaller website myself (see my portfolio page for some examples)

On-going collaboration

Longer projects and ongoing collaboration are also an option, particularly if your organisation doesn’t have funds for a full-time marketing role. In the past these collaborations have included:

  • managing an organisation’s web presence
  • implementing marketing plans in collaboration with an organisation

I find it works best to see how things go with a time-limited project first, and then progress on to something long term once we know each other.

If I can’t help, I probably know someone who can – so get in touch anyway!