Now and again we all get a bee in our bonnet about something, and I’m no different. In my case I sometimes making a website to do something about it.

Chronic Living Therapy Directory

Imagine you have a neurological and immunological health condition which shrinks your world and makes it impossible for your cells to produce energy.

Lots is known about it – it’s been recognised by the World Health Organisation since the late 1960s, studies into it have shown extensive damage to muscles, mitochondrial DNA and the brain. Entire neurological and immunological feedback loops in your body simply don’t work as they are meant to.

However, instead of support and research and sympathy you and your family are told you’re imagining your symptoms, simply need to ‘try harder’. Ignorant doctors, health care workers, acquaintances and others base their knowledge on out of date articles written by badly informed journalists who use phrases like ‘yuppie flu’ to minimise what you’re experiencing. Worse – the imply or state that you are making up your condition for attention.

This is what people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis experience daily, for decades. Not just the frustration, life changes and trauma associated with being ill itself, but the unnecessary and avoidable trauma about being ‘gaslighted’ and disbelieved.