Website for Riceboat Restaurant

The Riceboat in Cambridge (UK) is a small restaurant serving up traditional food from Kerala, South India. It’s near the Granta river in the heart Newnham, perfect for an evening walk. A legend amongst Indian ex-pats, it’s a favourite with academics and other locals.

I was excited to be asked by Jacob and Rita to create their new website with a brief to make it:

  • ‘clean-looking’
  • ‘more modern’
  • ‘welcoming’

Their logo colour, saffron, is a key part of their well-established brand, as is the image of the boatman. It was interesting to incorporate these, contrasting the saffron with black to make it glow even more.

Variety and inclusion

One of the key things about the Riceboat is their willingness to cook for a variety of special diets. Variety is baked in to Kerela cuisine. This coastal state makes use of ingredients and ideas brought in by sailors and immigrants over the centuries. It’s easy to find dishes from Kerala that are gluten free, dairy free – and often both.

We reflected this inclusiveness in the design by making the site easy to navigate and by providing relevant information to disabled customers. We also wanted to make it as tempting and tasty and full of colours as the food.

Visit the site

Visit the Riceboat site and I hope you’ll be tempted to try their food.