Lucy Hamilton, poet

I’ve been working with Elisabeth since 2021 when she began to create a website for my work as a writer, editor, poet, and teacher. Not being much of a ‘techie’ myself, and above all not having the time to learn, Elisabeth has guided me through every stage of the process with attentiveness and patience, allowing me to go at my own pace in my busy schedule. I am very pleased with my website and it’s reassuring to know that I can continue to call upon her services going forward. I can highly recommend Elisabeth as a website designer who is efficient, highly skilled and, most importantly, a delightful instructor to work with.

Another word-of-mouth recommendation, and another lovely writer client for me! I really enjoyed getting to know Lucy as we worked on this website.

Websites can be a bit scary…

It can be very nerve-wracking to contemplate having a website about yourself ‘out there’ on the internet. This is specially so for writers who are often naturally quiet and perhaps a little shy. Not naturally given to putting it about online. A lot of my job involves coaxing and reassurance – you’re not acting like a second hand car salesman from a 1980s sitcom by having a website. You can do it in a way that reflects your work and your personality.

Simple and clear

For Lucy’s site we focused on clarity of simplicity of layout, navigation and content. We chose a plain white background so that the book covers and text could speak for themselves in an uncomplicated way. Lucy provided simple text that kept to the point and still said everything that was required.


Navigation – how the menu is set up – gave us a few headaches. We revisited our plans a few times before getting it right.

Lucy has built up a large, inspiring and impressive body of work over her career so far. It was hard to organise, given that her work covers poetry, prose, fiction, reportage. It includes work published solo, in anthologies, in journals (on- and off-line). Not to mention work by others that she has been involved in editing. And times she’s been interviewed by other poets for various publications. We needed to feature reviews of her work. And her French translations and travel writing about China. I could go on!

Much of her work covered more than one possible category so we had to be strict about how we organised it on the website – take a look and see if you think we succeeded.


Lucy dug out with some great images of herself for the site. The attractive covers of her books and other publications also work as links to sale pages on Amazon or at the publishers’ websites.

Using the site

In her teaching work Lucy has been asked to share past work – and that has meant she’s had to go and dig out photocopies of her work to share with students, or repeatedly send the same information via email to enquirers. Now she can simply point people at her website and they can find almost all her work in one place – and buy it, where applicable.

Publishers also sometimes require that a writer demonstrates their commitment to marketing by insisting they have a website – Lucy can easily do this now, and the site can be updated with future work as time goes on.