Cam Home & Garden Shop

Mock up image of the home page of Cam Home and Garden website displayed on screens of different sizes

Cam Home & Garden is a friendly ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of a shop near my home. It served the local community brilliantly during the pandemic by supplying cleaning items, homeware, garden plants and furniture. They also helped people with new and old hobbies by supplying home brewing and preserving equipment, along with expert advice.

Steve, Robin's colleague, in front of the shop during the Covid pandemic, wearing a mask and cheerily holding up four candles in reference to the Two Ronnies sketch. And there's a Ronnie Barker poster in the window, too...
Robin’s colleague Steve holding four candles in front of the shop

The staff are knowledgeable and happy to share tips and suggestions. They can also order in numerous items not already in stock – and are happy to search through their suppliers’ information to see if they can find you exactly what you need. They’re also funny, and the joke’s often on them – with a Two Ronnies poster in the window you’d expect that…

Local team work

Robin, the business founder and owner, has a practical approach and we quickly developed an excellent working relationship and trust. We brought in other specialists too:

  • local photographer, Lucinda Price, who took a huge range of product and staff photos
  • copywriter, Rachel Extance, who wrote all the main website text

Email newsletter

Major roadworks threatened to affect business and make it difficult for customers to access the shop. Robin planned ahead and we created an email newsletter to help with keeping in touch with customers. In addition to the Cam Home & Garden Facebook presence this is an excellent way to keep in touch with customers and flag up products when people are less able to get to the shop and browse.

Thanks to the fantastic Newsletter Glue plugin it has been easy to streamline the process of creating our newsletter. Better still, it means we’ve easily and simultaneously been able to create a newsletter section of the website and add more changing content to the site – always a help with search engine optimisation.

Long term collaboration

It’s been interesting, and fun, to engage with Robin over several years – to get insight into how he approaches changes to his business and the environment he operates in. I’ve admired many things about his approach including:

  • how he adapted to the pandemic with a local network of delivery spots in various streets near the shop
  • how he works with, and is an active member of, Home Hardware – a national wholesaler owned by similar small local shops around the UK
  • planning ahead to limit the damage from lowered footfall due to disruptive road works on the street where his shop is based
  • supporting other small local businesses

I love being part of this. I’m a bit in awe of his attention to detail and ability to juggle things. I’ll even admit to enjoying his Dad jokes – see the Cam Home and Garden Facebook page if you want to try this for yourself!