BB Zeitlyn Trust, charity

Mock up image showing the home page of the BB Zeitlyn Trust site displayed on various differently sized screens

The BB Zeitlyn Trust was founded to support (with loans and occasional grants) the training of people who are studying to be Jungian psychotherapists in the East Anglia region. Their old site was no longer working on modern browsers and devices so they needed a fresh start.

Understanding key terms and features

Many of my clients are unsure of the ‘technical’ aspects of modern website design. The acronyms and use of specific terminology can bamboozle people… So, I’ve worked out clear ways of explaining what is meant by key terms, for example ‘responsive website design’ (where a site changes according to the device it is displayed on). This advice and explanation forms a part of my initial (free-of-charge) consultation with clients who are new to commissioning websites.

Branding and colours

We reviewed materials they were already using. They had flyers already printed using striking, strong colours and photographs of the landscape here in East Anglia. We made those the basis of the look and the feel of the site as they reflected both the bold, artistic roots of Jungian Psychotherapy and the organisation’s regional focus.

Getting started

The design process started with a thorough overview of customers and site users and how their needs and expectations fitted in with the messages the organisation itself wanted to communicate. Once we had a clear idea of the various needs of site users we created a site plan and worked out the functionality that would be needed.

Using Eventbrite for online events

The BB Zeitlyn Trust runs events for both trainee and fully qualified therapists. We decided to manage event bookings using Eventbrite. For a small number of events each year Eventbrite worked out as good value. It provided lots of functionality in terms of managing bookings. I set up the account and managed it for the organisation until their administration team could take it on. We have a very simple calendar page on the site, with blocks to feature events and links to book on Eventbrite. This kept costs and complications down for those managing events.

We chose this over a specific WordPress plugin to reduce the need for ongoing plugin fees. Being so widely used, it is also something that many administrators already know well or can easily find resources on. It avoids taking payment via the site which, for this particular client, was another plus.

The site build and planning process began in the early months of the pandemic lockdown in the UK. It was easy to create a system to manage online Zoom events using Eventbrite.

Accepting loan and grant applications

We made simple forms for accepting online grant and loan applications using Ninja Forms. This made the process straightforward for applicants making their initial contact with the BB Zeitlyn Trust.

Updates and site management

I manage site content and general updates and security as part of my ongoing site care service. This keeps me in touch with the organisation as it changes and helps me work out how the website might need to adapt or change over time.