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Gutenberg Resources

In December 2018 Gutenberg – the new WordPress – editor finally launched and changed how we edit WordPress sites. It is intended to make the editing process easier, more intuitive and more fun for general users. I’m a fan – I think it’s a step in the right direction and makes editing easier and clearer. …

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map with pins in

Free Google Map

Google has now started charging, or at the least taking credit card details, in order to let you use their API key to add their maps to your site. You can read more about that here in this useful blog post from High Rise Digital. It’s still possible to add a google map for free, …

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Separating two blocks

Sometimes you want a gap between two blocks. When you have an image that has text from a particular paragraph block wrapped around it you may not want the following paragraph text block to wrap as well. Separating blocks can be a problem with an image block and a paragraph block that you have put …

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Gutenberg Blocks Wish List

WordPress users like Gutenberg Gutenberg, the new ‘block’ editor, is a great development for Editing content is more intuitive, especially for beginners. I have demo’ed Gutenberg for my local WordPress meetup (in Cambridge, UK). I’ve also taught Gutenberg as part of a 10 week beginners’ course on WordPress at a local college. In both …

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