scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Sidebars, footers, main content – what does it all mean?

In a WordPress website you have several areas – sidebars, footers, etc – which get edited and managed in different ways. Once you know what they are it’s easier to plan your content and shape how your site will look. It also helps you plan how users will navigate their way around it and to …

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Options for images on your website

When it comes to finding images for your site there are a lot of options around. You have a choice of sources for your photos – your own, stock photos, professional/bespoke images and also a mix of these. Depending on the purpose of your site, one option may stand out as the obvious one. It …

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Book Review: Web Style Guide (by Lynch and Horton)

The Web Style Guide: Foundations of User Experience Design (by Patrick Lynch and Sarah Horton) is fabulous. It achieves its aim of setting out clearly, in great detail (and always with justification and explanation) how to create a website. No one can know everything about website design. We all bring our biases, our experience and …

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Pauline and her husband, Norman, as a young couple

A small side project

Simple site, needed fast Usually I use (it’s the free and open source sibling of which is a little different). Recently, however, I put together a site which required the speed and ease of to be ready in double quick time. Nicole, one of my best friends, lost her beloved Nan a …

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WordPress evening classes in Cambridge UK

If you’re daunted by WordPress and scared to start, or just want to have someone around ensuring you’re covering all the basics then a course running from January 2019 at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge could be just what you need. At only ¬£125* for a whole term (ten lessons) you’ll get a …

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New WordPress editor – Gutenberg

Gutenberg is landing… Tomorrow, December 6, 2018, will update the core of WordPress with the new editor, ‘Gutenberg’. It’s a little controversial and makes some big changes to how the ‘back end’ of your WordPress site will look once you have updated WordPress. Some links that may help you Get the official intro from …

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Links to get you started: writing for the web

Writing for your website is not the same as writing articles, emails or print material. Maybe you’re not used to writing much at all? Don’t panic – you can learn a few simple principles that will help you towards better communication with your target audience. Here are some links with excellent tips on producing good …

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pen and writing pad, indicating someone thinking about writing content for their site

Writing content for your website

Content – a quick overview You’re finally there: writing content for the main pages on your site – ‘welcome’ and ‘about’ pages for example.¬†There are two main things you need to be aware of – your main audience is humans (of course) but the way to reach more of them is by making your site …

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