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WordPress users like Gutenberg

Gutenberg, the new ‘block’ editor, is a great development for Editing content is more intuitive, especially for beginners.

I have demo’ed Gutenberg for my local WordPress meetup (in Cambridge, UK). I’ve also taught Gutenberg as part of a 10 week beginners’ course on WordPress at a local college. In both cases I’ve seen ‘newcomers’ and users get excited about it. I find it easy to explain how to add the ‘right’ headings and other semantic features in a clear way. It’s not perfect but the back end now looks more like the final page. For most basic users this is a big step forward.

Gutenberg users will want more blocks

Users will soon be familiar with the blocks that are embedded in WordPress core. Some will start learning about the extra blocks you can add with JetPack, Yoast, Atomic Blocks, Co Blocks and others. Users will…

  • start having ideas for ways they want to edit blocks,
  • start wanting more,
  • develop a wish list…

I’d like to share the users’ #BlocksWishList with developers and designers.

Market/customer research for devs & designers

For designers and developers in the WordPress eco-system Gutenberg has created a much higher bar to entry. Time and skills are now more precious than ever. Developers and designers work hard and often alone. Freelancers struggle to access expensive market research: when they do it is often not specific to their needs. It can be hard to k now what potential customers want.

Bringing users, devs and designers together

So, I’m starting a conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #BlocksWishList where WordPress users of all levels can post their ideas for blocks. Experts can chip in with comments, suggestions and questions, too. Designers and devs may wish to follow it for motivation and leads as they work on new block ideas.

If it takes off I’ll write up some block-related blog posts here. I will collate what I’ve learned – a round up of ideas to save people having to trawl through the hashtag. I’m also happy to use the hashtag to announce new blocks or block plugins.

Make a wish…

So, if you have a wish (or you want to make someone else’s wishes come true) please follow and contribute to the #BlocksWishList hashtag! You may be inspired to make a great, ground-breaking block. Or you may inspire someone to create your dream block!


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