WordPress evening classes in Cambridge UK

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If you’re daunted by WordPress and scared to start, or just want to have someone around ensuring you’re covering all the basics then a course running from January 2019 at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge could be just what you need.

At only £125* for a whole term (ten lessons) you’ll get a thorough grounding in all the basics:

  • setting up your hosting
  • choosing and setting up a domain name
  • ensuring your site is backed up securely
  • planning what pages you need
  • deciding on static pages, a blog (or both)
  • choosing a theme
  • choosing and managing plugins
  • updating and adding content the right way
  • resizing and adding images
  • adding a contact form
  • adding maps/directions
  • basic search engine optimisation
  • and more…

Simon Bragg and I are both co-organisers of the WordPress Cambridge meetup and will be running the course together. We’re both friendly and patient – we’re happy to try different ways to explain things and to share the resources we’ve gathered and learnt from ourselves over the years.

The course is ideal for people who are taking over managing a small site for a local club or association or who want to trial a business or social venture in a low cost but flexible way. It’s improtant to note that the course will be demonstrating how to use WordPress.org rather than WordPress.com (check out the differences between the two to decide which is right for you).

As well as the lessons themselves we’ll be updating a new website with resources and links for our students to use. Details to follow shortly.

Find out more and book the classes here (search for ‘WordPress’ to see if there are any courses coming up).

*There will be some additional costs (eg hosting and domain name at about £40 pa) as well and we’ll advise on options

Thanks to Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash for the photo.